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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Consulting & Services 

Digital marketing is what we specialise in. We are HubSpot inbound marketing certified and ACIM member of CIM. We can develop your inbound marketing strategy in 24 hours.

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Scholarship Research for graduate students

Research Services for Grad Students

Helping people to identify opportunities is one of the passion of IMC's Co-Founders. Hence why we are helping graduate students based in Africa to find opportunities.   

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Inbound Marketing Tips

Inbound Marketing Tips

Learn from us how to do marketing using the inbound way. We have generated about 45,000+ likes & followers on social media and millions of web visitors. How we get there?

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Online Shopping

Online Shopping

We create e.commerce store, implement SEO service and sell to anyone keen to get started with an online business or looking to create an online store. Eg: 

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Inbound Marketing Tips

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Already 179,512+ post engagements on social media.

300+ marketing automation tasks completed.

We are HubSpot Marketing Certified & ACIM member.

Marketing Consulting

4 Brands created

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