About Us

About our Marketing Consulting Services

It all started in 2015

International Marketing Consulting is a family business with 3 Co-Founders. We have launched International Marketing Consulting in 2015 with a mission to help Africa to connect with the rest of the world using the Inbound way.

We have opened up multiple online communication channels to reach and connect with online users all over the world. For example, we have created a digital magazine (Over 2 millions views) and we have got a massive audience on social media (business pages and 2 groups). Overall we have got about 45,000+ likes and followers on social media. The next question you might want to ask us is '' Why are you developing an online audience worldwide?'' the answer is '' We would like to help our online users based in Africa to find and connect with opportunities based outside Africa regardless the sectors. 

For example, we are helping graduate students based in Africa to research scholarships opportunities worldwide. In addition, we are helping B2B buyers based in Africa to find suppliers worldwide, etc..There are other research projects that we will be keen to take on board if this is fitting with our mission and vision. If you are a B2B traders based in Africa sourcing for suppliers or if you have any question, please ask

So far, we have created 4 brands: ''Marketplace for Africa'', ''Trade Between Africa and Other Countries Digital Magazine'', ''MPGstore.shop'' and Scholarships4Africa.com''.

Inbound Marketing is our area of expertise, therefore we are sharing Inbound marketing tips with our online audience. In addition we are helping entrepreneurs, smes, business owners and anyone keen to get started with an online business to create their digital marketing strategy within 24 hours. We are also keen to work with Digital Marketing Managers, CEOs, Business Owners, CMOs, VPs of Marketing to review and improve their current inbound marketing strategy and processes. We are HubSpot inbound and inbound marketing certified. In addition we are graded the ACIM membership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, so you should rest assure that your projects will be managed with experts who have got passion for inbound marketing, background & technical knowledge in marketing and many years of experience in digital marketing with proven track records.