Web Search Optimization


Web search optimization: Integrating the web search optimization by using newsjacking as part of your content strategy is a very effective and lucrative way to boost your business. This is because it actually boosts traffic, and can create a buzz of its own if you play your cards right. No matter what type of content you’re creating, it’s imperative that you remember the rules of SEO.

Search engine optimization is always important in terms of titles, headers, and content. You can actually “go viral” with the right trending topic connected to your business. But, making these mistakes can ruin it all. In order to stay on track you might want to consider monitoring the news more often so you can find more relevant and useful connections. Of course, today there is a lot of automation and ways to keep informed of trending topics that you may not know about. Using these tools can help you monitor the news on a regular basis without using too much time.

Web Search Optimization
Web Search Optimization

Tools You Can Use for News Monitoring

  • Google Trends – This free online topic exploration service enables you to find out what stories are trending around any topic you desire. You can even find out what topics are trending in specific locations.
  • Google Alerts – We've mentioned this already. Google Alerts enables you to set up an alert with certain search terms. At intervals you set, you can have the system email you the results of the search. It’s a good way to get information about your brand, but also about the industry as a whole.
  • CustomScoop.com – This is a paid tool that provides all-in-one news along with social media monitoring. You can get all levels of monitoring with their system depending upon your budget. This is for serious six-figure companies that plan to use breaking news as a main strategy.
  • Dialogix.com.au – This social media and news monitoring service is in Australia, but you can use it wherever you happen to be to monitor social and news for information that you can put to use for your business.
  • Mention.com – You can start listening to what is being said about your company, your name, your business, and your industry through this cloud-based app. You can use this service to monitor news and social, as well as find influencers.
  • Hootsuite.com – You can not only manage all your social media with Hootsuite, but you can also monitor activity on social media, including industry news and your own brand. It starts out as free but you’ll want to upgrade.
  • TweetReach.com – You can use this free tool to search any term on Twitter with your connected account to get information that can help you identify trending news and topics for future content.

GoBabl.com – This is a location-based media monitoring solution that works great for people who are focused on local businesses. You can get visual reports such as maps, collage view and more.

  • Feedspy.net – This service allows you to search for extra information about a viral post. You can find out who shared it, who their friends are and more, such as finding out what their groups are. This can be very good information for finding trending topics for your industry.

As you can see, there are numerous tools that you can use to find breaking news, viral information, and then use it to capitalize on it and make it your own. You can try to come up with angles that turn real-time news into a traffic avalanche for you.

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By Alberte Touani, 4th October 2016