Digital Marketing Assessment Checklists

You can use International Marketing Consulting’s digital marketing assessment checklists as a guide to review your current inbound marketing activities.

You can liaise with us to get started with your assessment by requesting a free consultation. As part of your free assessment, one of International Marketing Consulting's Inbound Marketing Certified will evaluate your current digital marketing strategy, your website and show you how you can improve your ROI using inbound marketing techniques.

The consultant will:


  • Your current digital marketing strategy

  • Your website

  • Your leads generation process

  • The process you are using to allow website conversion

  • Your current SEO (search engine optimization) activities


  • Your website traffic data and explain how you can use your website data to make informed decision in your business

Find out if you know

  • How to view B2B prospects visiting your website

  • How to receive instant notifications when your prospects visit your website

  • How to build an online audience and create buyer personas

  • How to get more traffic and leads from your website

  • How to build a sales funnel

  • How to implement marketing automation

  • How to implement nurturing campaign and email marketing

  • How to do competitor analysis

  • How to see the list of search queries your web visitors are using to find your website on Google

  • How to view the top content or webpages visited in your website

  • How to view where your web visitors are clicking during their visits

  • How to automate all your digital marketing activities

  • How to generate the list of keywords in your industry with the highest monthly searches volume

  • How to create a content marketing strategy that will help to generate leads